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Fine Grading

California Paving and Grading has years of experience in the art of fine grading assuring the stability and effectiveness of underlying surface essential to proper asphalt and concrete paving. The California Paving and Grading team are experts with fine grading providing the most important factor in stable, durable surfaces: drainage.

While level surfaces pose little challenge for paving, when the surface is not level, grading and drainage may become a problem but not for our team.

Most paving contractors are engaged in grading for parking lots and level street improvements. Very few paving contractors grade for building pads, slopes and other areas requiring proper surface preparation for drainage for long term stability.

California Paving and Grading has years of experience in fine grading and surface preparation to assure proper drainage, extending the life of the work and assuring customer success.



All drainage for surface lots should be directed to the street or to a catch basin that drains to the street, whenever possible.

Fine Grading Essentials

  • Core site surface preparation including excavation if required.
  • Layered surface material distribution for proper support and drainage.
  • Drainage planning and channeling
  • Surface slope and leveling
  • Surface compaction and stabilization
  • Paving preparation
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